Flag Team

Join the Flag Football Team and experience the fascination of American Football without contact and equipment!

general information about Flag-Football:

Flag Football is the “stripped-down and non-contact” variant of American football. It is played in Germany in different variations.

5 against 5


7 against 7

Here sex does not matter.

It just counts the fun of the game!

Pulling a flag attached to the girdle completes the turn. An “overturning” of the opponent is not necessary.

Run or pass tries to play in the endzone of the opponent. Here are points for the touchdown.
It is not kicked, as is the case with the right American football.

Mostly in Germany the game operation is organized in tournaments.

If you fancy this unusual sport, just get in touch with us.

We look forward to seeing you!!!
If you have any questions, parents are welcome to contact Dominik Konopka (Head of Department Hof Joker) at d.konopka@hof-jokers.de or Tel: 0160/8020513.