The Förderverein:

In March 2000, the Friends of Hof Jokers Foundation was founded, whose main task is to raise funds from sponsoring and marketing activities. Furthermore, our fans, friends and former players should be given the opportunity to support “their” jokers in a variety of ways.

Likewise, American football sports in Northeastern Bavaria should become even more popular. For this purpose, various events and actions are constantly planned and executed in Hof and the extended district.

Become a member: 

Interested in membership? Simply download the registration form, fill out and send to:


 Registration form


Förderverein American Football – Hof Jokers e.V.
Valentin Stingl
Johann-Knoch Gasse 6
96317 Kronach

I recognize the statutes of the association. I agree that the information given by me for the purpose of membership management and the contribution statement will be transferred to data storage.





Registered in the register of associations of the district court Hof, Nr. 1061
Tax office Hof, St.-Nr. 223/186/27676


Valentin Stingl, Johann-Knoch Gasse 6, 96317 Kronach – Board
Klaus Hager, Hauptstr. 32, 95182  Kautendorg – Deputy
Marc Roßmeißl, Äußere Bayreuther Str. 45, 95032 Hof – Treasurer

Bank details:

Förderverein American Football – Hof Jokers e.V.
VR Bank Hof eG
Kontonummer: 52809
Bankleitzahl: 780 608 96

IBAN: DE62 7806 0896 0000 0528 09BIC: GEN0DEF1H01