Hof Jokers will play their last away match in 2019

Two games are still in front of Hof Joker, two out of nine this year. The last home game was canceled two hours before the franc Timberwolves kick-off due to a player shortage, whereupon the Jokers nonetheless held a scrimmage offense against Defense to offer their fans the opportunity to spend an American football Sunday despite the cancellation.

The non-occurred game was considered a victory for the Jokers, the league is thus secured. The Jokers are happy about that, but of course they know that this is not a real victory and would have liked to receive it through their own efforts.

Now the Jokers want to reach next to the league also a place on the winners podium of the Bayernliga Nord 2019. The entry into the playoffs is no longer possible, but the third place you can certainly hold, you defeated the two remaining opponents.

One of these opponents are the Erlangen Sharks, against which the Jokers will compete on Sunday in Erlangen. The Sharks are currently in 4th place in the league, with one more defeat than the Jokers, who have won as many times as they have lost so far. The Sharks want to balance their balance sheet, the goal of the Jokers is now a winning season. The first step is a victory in Erlangen, before the Jokers will welcome the Bamberg Bucks on 21.07 for the final game of the season in Hof. In the first round, the Hofer defeated the Erlangen with 40:32, a similar result would be desirable, but this time clear and without extension.


From Theresa Scarabello

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