News 2017

Player passes season 2018

06th December 2017
Each club can have their players’ passports automatically renewed until 12.12.2017 for the 2018 season, without the player having to confirm this with his signature! (BSO §47)
The player must be informed about this measure. For this it is sufficient to publish the player name on the homepage of the association. (§60, BSO)


Passnr.  Vorname  Nachname  Disziplin 
16363 Sebastian  Strunz  Tackle 
17239 Marcus  Wachter  Tackle 
17242 Bilal  Ahmad  Tackle 
17244 Sascha  Schubert  Tackle 
17249 Dominik  Konopka  Tackle 
17251 Martin  Klötzer  Tackle 
17254 Patrick  Palarz  Tackle 
17255 Marc  Roßmeißl  Tackle 
18241 Harald  Rausch  Tackle 
18258 Tobias  Tröger  Tackle 
18260 Görkem  Eler  Tackle 
18261 Luka  Petzoldt  Tackle 
18262 Benjamin  Ferlau  Tackle 
18267 Felix  Scholz  Tackle 
18295 Vincent  Müller  Tackle 
18296 Christoph  Strobel  Tackle 
18297 Sebastian  Käck  Tackle 
18298 Markus  Klein  Tackle 
18299 Johannes  Wellner  Tackle 
18301 Valentin  Stingl  Tackle 
18546 Lukas  Wunsch  Tackle 
18547 Sebastian  Münzel  Tackle 
21502 Paul  Koffmahn  Tackle 
23902 Maximilian  Wolf  Tackle 
24106 Patric  Köllner  Tackle 
18282 Christoph  Mandl  Tackle 
17243 Jürgen  Raab  Tackle 
17245 Gunar  Knöckel  Tackle 
26585 David  Döbereiner  Tackle 
27012 Marian  Ludwig  Tackle 
27013 Tizian  Vogl  Tackle 
27014 Florian  Erhardt  Tackle 
28803 Marius  Theek  Tackle 
30362 Moritz  Wülferth  Tackle 
32117 Niklas  Rauschenbach  Tackle 
32118 Christoph  Neidhardt  Tackle 
33093 Alexander  Oelschlegel  Tackle 

Players who want to leave their current club must have quit there as an active player by December 12, 2017. This does not affect membership as such! (Cancellation written for the passport renewal)
If there are players among us the next season do not want to play for us but where else, please hand in your notice in time.
If there are players who are not on the list but have played for us last season or had a player pass and want to support us again next season, please contact us here.

Advent Calendar 2017

01. December 2017
Also this year we present you the yard Joker advent calendar. So every day go to the Joker Facebook page and let it surprise you.


Hall training from 15th November!

07. November 2017

On Wednesday, November 15, the hall training starts again. At 6:30 pm seniors, youth and all newcomers will meet at the Rudolf-Lion-Halle to start the new training season punctually at 7:00 pm. It continues for the youth on Friday and the seniors on Saturday. On the holiday 22.11. There is no training because the hall is closed.

The current training times are available HERE