News 2017

Skelly Tournament Nuremberg 2017

March 26, 2017

As you all probably noticed, the Hof Jokers were in Nürnberg yesterday at the Nuremberg Rams 1 & 2 guest.
The team invited us, as well as the Franks Timberwolves, Franken Knights, Feldkirchen Lions & Vogtland Rebels, to the Soldierfield to complete a special training session.

Of course, the jokers did not ask twice!
The coaches, QB + WR in the offense and LB + DB in the defense made their way to the Rams to hold the Skelly. In 4 games were mainly trained pass and pass defense. Especially spicy: also against the Swiss franc Timberwolves, a direct league competitor in the next season, was played!
3 out of 4 games were won by the Jokers and new contacts were made and exchanged in a playful way.

We thank the Rams for the good organization of the Skellys and of course all the teams involved for this instructive day and the fair mood on and off the field!

Thanks to Blindbirdy Productions for the photo and video material!

Thanks Juliane and Heya Theresa!

March 19, 2017
The only thing that is constant is change, as is the case with the Hof Jokers. After a good 3 years, our Juliane says bye bye. She is replaced by Theresa. Lots of text could follow, but read what both of them have to say themselves: JULIANE + THERESA

Traditional Wrist Coach handover

March 12, 2017

Satisfied faces with the coaches of Hof Joker. With the traditional Wrist Coach handover to the quarterbacks, the preparation for the upcoming season has reached a climax (in the picture from left to right: HC Alexander Scarabello, QB Marian Ludwig, QB Nicolas Billaudelle, QB Bobby McDonald, Offense Coordinator Christoph Brauner) ,

The coaches of Hof Jokers expressed their satisfaction with the preparatory program which has been in progress since October of last year. In the camp of the Jokers one will prepare intensively for the first 8 weeks of the Bayernliga season 2017 against the Ansbach Grizzlies.
For this you take on 25.03. participate in a 7on7 Skelly tournament at the Nürnberg Rams. Two weeks later, the first endurance test in a friendly match against the Passau Pirates is on. The game will take place on the 8th of April in the local PTSV Stadium. Another two weeks later, one arrives at the Erfurt Indigo. The program is rounded off by several mini-camps for the individual parts of the team.

Donation of the youth welfare center St. Elisabeth

01. March 2017

Donation of € 217 came together this year in our Touchdown Donations campaign at the Super Bowl Party. After each touchdown at SB 51, the donation football made its rounds in the restaurant Treffpunkt. This year, the proceeds will go to the youth welfare center St. Elisabeth.
Even before the holidays, the football including money could be handed over to head Jasmin Pressler. There are currently 26 children and adolescents aged 5 to 18 living in the facility. With the small cash injection the kids can arrange their holidays according to their wishes, a day in the swimming pool or a visit to the cinema, the children are allowed to make their own suggestions, afterwards they vote.

We hope you have fun!!!


Hof Joker’s American Football Night

January 25, 2017

We maintain our tradition and look again this year Sunday, 05 February from 22:00 clock together with you the game of the games, the Super Bowl LI. At the Hof venue, the final of the NFL will be broadcast on three large screens.

The kitchen goes back to overtime and provides you at least until halftime with delicious burgers and the team from the meeting yard is looking forward to you.

Attention! Pre-registration is absolutely necessary. You know the place in the meeting place is limited, in order to reserve you one of the 150 places, you must register in advance at the meeting point Hof under 092815074229 or via FB message at the meeting point.

Come along and celebrate with us the winner of the NFL! Who will be? There are still two teams in the race. Talk shop and celebrate with players and coaches Hof Jokers.

Happiness becomes more when you share it!

06. January 2017

We had a lot of luck in 2016, great sponsors support us and our fans are the biggest luck anyway, support us no matter whether at home or hundreds of kilometers away.
If you are so lucky, you want to give something back, so it was considered, what could we do as Hof Joker, where does it need support? A dad from the team made the suggestion: Toys donate to the children’s ward of the Hof hospital. The response in the entire team was great, internally money was collected and it came to 210 € together. The toy country Günter order e.K. in Münchberg put goods in the same value on top and thus doubles the amount. At this point again a big thank you! A small delegation handed over the toys to chief physician Ponader and his little patients. At first, players and players were somewhat shyly admired in jerseys and helmet, but when unpacking and trying out the new toys were quickly made friendships.

Photos: Sana Klinikum Hof