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Not just for men!

17th October 2017

American football is better known as a sport for men, especially in Germany and other countries where football is still considered a fringe sport. But many women are also enthusiastic about the sport. Like Anne Fischer (left) and Helin Burkay (right), both are part of our youth team and enthusiastic about American Football.
They not only train diligently with the Juniors, but are also very motivated to help on Gameday where they can. We interviewed the two!

Why do you play football?

Anne: I’ve already seen it on TV and was previously a spectator.
Helin: I used to be a wrestler, but I wanted to try another sport and then I came to the Jokers.

What is it like to do sports only with boys?

Anne: Relaxed.
Helin: Better, with girls there is often only stress, guys are less complicated.

How do you think that until now you are only exercising but not allowed to play because of your gender?

Helin: I may even play soon, if there are exceptions.
Anne: It’s a pity, but the training is still a lot of fun.

Which positions do you train?

Helin: Linewoman of offense and defense.
Anne: Linebacker.

Do you want to play with the seniors when you are older?

Anne: Sure, why not, you can participate in training.
Helin: Probably not, because that’s still too dangerous for me anyway.

What were the reactions from your environment?

Anne: Many were surprised and asked me what I want as a girl in a sport for men, because that’s dangerous. My grandparents were also scared, but most people think it’s cool.
Helin: Some got scared, yet everyone was open and reacted coolly. Only my dad would prefer it, I would dance Ballet.

What do you say to girls who would like to play football?

Helin: It’s just something for tough girls.
Anne: It’s great for girls, too!

Thank you dear Helin and Anne! Not only for the interview, but also for your commitment and your motivated engagement on the Gameday.

Trial training part 2

07. October 2017

Our second trial training is on, this try-out is especially for all students Hofs instead. Come over!

When: Monday, October 09, 2017
Where: Gymnasium of Fachschule Hof, Wirthstr. 51

You only need shoes suitable for the hall, sports equipment, drinks and a good mood.






Hof Jokers celebrate 25th anniversary with sensational, athletic performance

07. October 2017

Hof Joker’s football team “Hof Jokers” at the PTSV Hof has been around for 25 years – a quarter of a century of ups and downs, successes and defeats. Especially in recent years, the Jokers were able to draw mainly successful balance sheets.

This year, the Hof Jokers is a particularly important, on the one hand they had to prove themselves as promoted to Bayernliga Nord, on the other they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

In 1992, the team was founded, and today some founding members are part of the team or the administration. To celebrate themselves and the sensational season, the team held a two-day celebration. To this end, the Jokers invited all former team members to celebrate in the evening comfortably at a typical American barbecue and review the last few years. The next day was celebrated at a fun flag football together with fans and sponsors. Especially the enthusiastic fans should get a chance to celebrate outside the matchdays with the team.

These celebrations formed the perfect conclusion to the 2017 season. From the national league in the Bayernliga Nord ascended, surprised the Jokers all football Bayern. They lost only a single game, marched through the league, took the championship title of the northern group and qualified for the playoffs – all this despite rookie quarterbacks and a significantly increased level of football. Especially the defense of head coach Alexander Scarabello provided sensational defensive performance, allowed only very few counterpoints and is now known as an outstanding good defense among football connoisseurs.
The semifinals against the second-placed of the southern group, the Feldkirchen Lions, they also won and made the season almost perfect with the entry into the final against the Passau Pirates. In the final, the Jokers were unfortunately subject to the Pirates, thus appearing again in the Bayernliga Nord next year.

Players, fans and coaches are thrilled with the team’s success, proud of their outstanding sporting performance and confident of next year. The Hof Jokers have done something unique, proving that they are by no means the outsiders and should not be underestimated – not even in terms of fan base. The audience of up to 600 people on the day is absolutely unique for the edge sport American football at this level, even their more than 3,600 fans on Facebook show how popular the team is. Also the media world of the area shows a keen interest in the Jokers, regularly it is reported on the radio, in the print media or on regional TV stations about them.

Now it is important to prepare for the next year in the off-season as well as possible. The expectations of the Jokers are high, they have to be fulfilled. Players, coaches and everyone involved will work hard – the jokers have tasted blood.
To be even more successful next year, the jokers invite any curious person to drop by for a workout and become part of the team.

Surprise did not come

01. October 2017
In today’s final of the Bayernliga 2017, the newly promoted Hof Jokers had to defeat the Passau Pirates 46:08. Thanks to the many fans of the Jokers, who cheered their team until the end.

Here the video of the Passau Pirates to the game:

Hof Jokers fight for the second time in a row for the rise

September 26, 2017
The American Football Team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV Hof played only in the last season in a lower league, they are the promoted of the national league in the Bayernliga and are one year later again in the final of the playoffs. They have won the semi-final against the “Feldkirchen Lions”, now they travel to Passau on Sunday to fight against the Pirates for promotion to the Regionalliga.

One can not often mention how unique the Joker career has been in recent years, especially in this year’s season they proved that the Hofer should not be underestimated. As newcomers, they won nine out of ten games, qualified for the playoffs of the league and won in the semifinals against their opponents from Feldkirchen.

On Sunday, the Hof Jokers have to prove one last time this year, the playoff finals will take place in Passau against the “Passau Pirates”, a previously unbeaten team from the southern group of Bayernliga. Although the Passauer are going into the race as favorites, the Jokers still have a good chance of winning, considering the statistics of the teams.
Head coach Alexander “Scara” Scarabello wants to win, but knows that entering the final is already an extraordinary achievement for a team that played in a lower league the previous year.

At 3 pm the Jokers are playing in the “Dreiflüssestadion” in Passau, fans are invited to travel with the Jokers to the south, to support them one last time.