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Hof Jokers fight for championship titles of Bayernliga Nord

July 30, 2017

The American Football Team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV-Hof did this on Sunday, which would not have been expected in football circles a few weeks ago. As newcomers to the Bayernliga Nord, they fight for the championship title of the season with their 31:20 win against Regensburg Phoenix.

The Hofer secured their secure entry into the play-offs last Sunday in Fürth against the Franken Timberwolves, this weekend was both the championship, as well as the venue of the first play-off game in mid-September, by the victory of Jokers goes now both to Hof.

But at the beginning of the game, it did not look like the Jokers could win another. At the end of the first quarter the Regensburger went into the lead with a touchdown, linebacker Marc Roßmeißl shortly after made the equalizer. However, this was followed by two more touchdowns of the Phoenix, the mood in the stadium dropped rapidly, but the motivation of the players increased immensely. DeMarcus Harrison scored the Jokers’ second touchdown, Tobias Tröger scored two more points for the Hofer account. Another defense touchdown from Marcus Wachter plus Johannes Wellner’s extra point brought the Jokers back into the lead, with Gunar Knöckel’s last touchdown and extra point, celebrating his 30th birthday on Sunday, making the win perfect, with Hof Jokers scoring the match with 31:20 for themselves.

A more exciting game could have been hoped for, the tension of the fans and players was to smell. The Hof Jokers were supported and celebrated by about 300 fans loud and full of emotions, once again Hof was the venue for a sporting extravaganza that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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Hof Jokers hope for championship title Bayernliga Nord

July 27, 2017
The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV-Hof plays their last regular game of the Bayernliga Nord this Sunday, if they win this, the newcomers of the league close the season as the table first.

Their opponents are the Regensburg Phoenix, a team they defeated in the first round in Regensburg with 13:22. Now the Jokers have the home advantage on their side, in addition they are motivated to hold the top position of the league. To date, they only had to narrowly defeat the Erlangen Sharks once, a second defeat is not on the agenda of the Hofer, they lose against Regensburg, they have to cede the first place to the Erlangen Sharks. If this happens, the first play-off game will take place away from home to commemorate the jokers. Accordingly hard and motivated they prepare themselves for the last game of the season, before they will compete in mid-September in the play-offs of the Bayernliga.

All fans and curious people are cordially invited to support the Hof Jokers on Sunday at 3 pm and to celebrate the hopefully first place of the Bayernliga Nord!

Hof Jokers secure play-offs

July 23, 2017

The American Football Team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV-Hof finally closed the sack in Fürth against the “Franken Timberwolves” on Sunday. With the victory 08:15 they secure the entry into the play-offs of Bayernliga Nord 2017.

On Sunday, the Jokers had to travel only a relatively short distance when they started their last official away game of the season against the Timberwolves. Previously, they defeated the Fürth with 33:00, they hoped for a similar clear result this Sunday.

But the desired success remained initially, the Jokers went though as a favorite in the race, nevertheless, neither of the two teams could score in the first half. Accordingly, the mood of the Hofer was tense as they repeatedly failed to bring the ball in the enemy end zone. Shortly after the start of the second half Marian Ludwig threw the ball on Tobi Tröger and the first touchdown of the game fell. The subsequent 2-point conversion of David Kohl succeeded, the Jokers led 0: 8. The Timberwolves, however, moved quickly and made just a few minutes later equalizer. Motivated by their first points, the Hof Jokers scored once more in the last quarter, again Ludwig threw on Tröger and Johannes Wellner kicked the ball for another point. The game went to Hof 08:15, but it was by no means a 0815 game.

With this unexpectedly close victory, the entry of the Jokers is secured in the play-offs in mid-September, the newcomers to the league have exceeded all expectations and play next Sunday in court even for the championship of Bayernliga Nord. If they win against Regensburg Phoenix, they end the season as a table first. The last official home game of the season takes place at 15:00 clock at the PTSV court yard, all fans are invited to support the Jokers loudly.

Hof Jokers compete against Franken Timberwolves

July 19, 2017
The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV Hof still has two regular season games to play, the next will take place on Sunday in Fürth against the Franken Timberwolves.

After the Jokers also triumphed in Plattling, now is the last away game of Bayernliga Nord. A few weeks ago, the Hofer could defeat their opponents already with 33:00 in court, this Sunday, it is now to build on this success and beat the Timberwolves a second time. A win would make the Joker’s entry into the play-offs perfect.

The coaches are confident that they can force the Fürth to their knees despite their home advantage. But as always, no team should be underestimated, the Hofer are not resting on their success and are preparing energetically for the Timberwolves.

The next and last home game of the regular season takes place on 30.07 at 15 clock against the Regensburg Phoenix.

Jokers triumph in Plattling

15th of July 2017

The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV Hof entered the probably furthest journey of the Bayernliga Nord on Saturday. The Plattling Black Hawks welcomed their Northern counterparts for the second leg of the season, but lost to them 6:34.

At 17 o’clock the game started, shortly afterwards the Plattlinger could make the first points. However, that did not leave the Jokers sitting on their laurels, and a short time later, American Seth Hunt scored the first touchdown for Hof, closely followed by another by DeMarcus Harrison. Hunt also scored in the second half, as did Tobias Tröger and Martin Klötzer, who scored more touchdowns for the Hof Jokers. Johannes Wellner’s precise kicks gave the Jokers more points, Tröger had two more counters on the account of the Jokers, so that the game went out at 06:34 in favor of Hofs.

As usual some Hofer fans support their team and have traveled to southern Plattling especially for them. The mood on both sides was initially good, but this changed after an injury-related failure on the part of Plattling. The heated emotions, however, could be quickly calmed down and the game ended fairly.

Coaches and players are proud of the team’s performance and the play-offs are now almost certain. The Hof Jokers won 7 out of 8 games, two more games are still to play in the regular season, next Sunday in Fürth against the Franken Timberwolves and on 30.07 in Hof against Regensburg Phoenix.

Previously, the Hof Jokers Jugend played their game in the placement round against Landsberg Express with 19:17.