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Jokers play second leg against Plattling Black Hawks

July 12, 2017
This Saturday, the American Football Team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV-Hof has to compete in Bayernliga Nord’s longest journey. They play in Plattling against the “Plattling Black Hawks”, currently fourth in the league.

The Black Hawks were the first team against which the Hof Jokers had to assert themselves after their promotion to the Bayernliga Nord. This is done just 2.5 months ago with 14:10 in Hof. Now the second leg is over, on Saturday the Jokers have to travel 3 hours on the bus to compete against the Black Hawks. Since the first game could only be narrowly won, the Hof Jokers are by no means as sure of victory as against the Ansbach Grizzlies last Saturday. Many weeks have passed, an opportunity for both teams to continue to improve. Although the Jokers have suffered only one defeat to date, the Plattlinger already three, but it is not a simple opponent, the coach and players know exactly and prepare accordingly well for the match in Platting, good hope, the second Win game against the Black Hawks.

In addition, the youth of the Jokers plays on Saturday at 15 clock against “Landsberg Express”, the same placed team Bayernliga Süd, the overall placement in the Bayernliga!

Jokers celebrate the highest win of the season

08. July 2017

The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV-Hof set out on Saturday after their first defeat of the season full of motivation to the Ansbach Grizzlies to deny their second game of the league against the Grizzlies.

A few weeks ago, the Jokers were able to defeat the Ansbacher with 46:00, this time they even succeeded at 75:00. Despite home advantage of the Ansbacher and a long bus ride on the side of the Jokers, they did not allow a single point, Ansbach barely gained space. The Grizzlies highly credit, however, that despite the very hot temperatures and the clear superiority of the Jokers, they did not give up. At least they tried to make at least a few points and to influence the gameplay in their favor, but without success. The Hof Jokers arrived with a comparatively small squad, but each player was highly motivated and did his best. A touchdown followed to the next, both pass and run games come almost every time bravely.

The clearer the result became, the more moves the coaches could try out and try new lines. This will probably be different next Saturday in Plattling against the Black Hawks, the Jokers will face a tough adversary whom they can hopefully also bring to their knees.

Jokers play catch-up game against Grizzlies

06th July 2017
The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV – Hof has no break. After their close defeat against the Erlangen Sharks last Sunday, the Jokers have to return to the pitch this Saturday.

The game, which was canceled a few weeks ago by the Ansbach Grizzlies, will be rescheduled on July 8th. Seven times have the Grizzlies in the Bavarian League North until now in the field, none of these games could decide for themselves. The Jokers, on the other hand, only had to beat Erlangen once, with one point difference.

But this is no reason to be safe, says head coach Alexander Scarabello. Since the game will take place in Ansbach, the Grizzlies have the home advantage on their side, do not have to make many miles of bus journey and should probably be better rested than their counterparts from Hof.

In the first leg a few weeks ago, the Jokers defeated the Grizzlies with 46:00, and of course the team would like a similar result this time as well. Spurred on by no further defeats, the team and coaches prepare intensively for the match and hope to be able to make another triumphal march.

First defeat in 2017

02. July 2017
In a thrilling and close game, the Hof Jokers had to beat the Erlangen Sharks with 13:14. Already previously, the Jokers youth lost 9:36 against the Aschaffenburg Stallions youth. (more info to follow)

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Hof Jokers looking forward to top game

June 28, 2017

Already on the last Saturday the American Football Team Hof ​​Jokers of the PTSV Hof in Erlangen competed against the Erlangen Sharks. The leading team of Bayernliga Nord defeated the Hofern despite home advantage with 08:12, thus the Jokers fought as promoted to number 1 in the table.

Already this Sunday the two teams meet again, this time in Hof. Despite the very short result, the Jokers are confident that they have licked blood. Although initially nobody expected the triumphal march of the climbers, the voices of all critics and doubters were quiet, looking forward to the second game, the eyes of all American football fans of Bavaria on Sunday on court.

Head coach Alexander Scarabello is proud of his team’s legendary success and hopes to build on this success. He constantly motivates the players, prepares them for the second “fight of the giants” in the best possible way and is deeply immersed in the preparations for the game.

It is safe to say that Hof on Sunday can expect a spectacle of the extra class. The Hof Jokers are counting on a huge crowd of fans and their incomparable vociferous support. The team calls on all fans and curious people to arrive at the PTSV – Platz on Sunday to not miss this probably unforgettable and decisive matchday. “The viewers contribute significantly to our success, they motivate us in unpronounceable dimensions and are a unique phenomenon in our league, we are proud of that,” says Scarabello.

At 11 o’clock the youth team of the Jokers compete against the Aschaffenburg Stallions, at 15 o’clock the Hof Jokers welcome the Sharks from Erlangen.