News 2017

Hof Joker’s at the top of the table

June 24, 2017

No one would have expected that a few weeks ago, now the incredible has occurred. The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV-Hof defeated the Erlangen Sharks 08:12 and secured as league promoted thus the provisional top spot of the table of Bayernliga Nord!

Saturday presented a debut for the Jokers – for the first time they had to prove themselves against the Erlangen Sharks. To date, both teams were unbeaten, the Sharks leaders, the Jokers just behind in second place.

At the beginning of the game, the mood on both sides was tense, the probably most important game of the season until then went by without a trace. Especially when the Sharks scored a touchdown in the first drive, followed by a 2-point conversion, you could really grab the tension in the air. But defeat was never an option for the Jokers, so they continue to fight hard. When number 81, Tobi Tröger, scored a touchdown for the Hofer and Johannes Wellner, number 56, scored a field goal twice in the course of the match, the Joker fairy tale was perfect.

The mood after the final whistle can hardly be put into words, players and fans were celebrating in the arms, full of joy and relief over the so important victory of Hof Joker. The excellent performance of the team is undeniable, but also the Hofer fans have to pay their tribute. Extremely numerous, they traveled to Erlangen to support their team also abroad. In terms of both numbers and volume, the Hofers were superior to the Erlangen fans. Armed with trumpets, rattles and above all their voices, the sideline of the Jokers Erlangen caused a quake. This is certainly a unique phenomenon at this level of American football in Germany and once again shows that the Jokers not only bring their opponents to shake, but also touch the hearts of fans with their success and great cohesion.

The next Sunday, 02.July, the Jokers have to compete again against the Erlangen Sharks. It is probably not necessary to say that this game in court is probably even more exciting. The Sharks will fight hard for the win, but who knows the Jokers knows that this fight may well turn out in favor of court. The team asks all fans to attend the PTSV plaza in ever greater and louder numbers than ever before, to arm themselves with everything that makes noise and to support the Jokers in an unprecedented way!

The youth of the Jokers plays at 11 clock against the Aschaffenburg Stallions, kick-off of the men against the Erlangen Sharks is at 15 clock.

“1. Hof Joker’s Jeep Challenge Challenge “with lucrative prizes

June 23, 2017

Did not everyone ever want to prove their powers while pulling a huge colossus and dust off great prizes as a reward? At the “1. Hof Joker’s Jeep Challenge Challenge “offers you this fantastic opportunity on the grounds of the REWE market. On Saturday the 01th of July our sponsor REWE-Markt in August-Mohl-Str. 38 from 9-16 o’clock his anniversary.

Of course, Hof Jokers will not miss this opportunity and are looking for a few strong guys who dare. If you manage to accelerate the Jeep in the shortest possible time and manage a given distance, you will be rewarded with great REWE shopping vouchers, free tickets for the further Bayern League season and an invitation to the American Football Pro-Training. If you can not do it, you still have the opportunity to pick up praise at the Hof Joker’s throwing wall.

This challenge is generally meant to recruit heavy boys for the Offense Line – because in this position, the Hofer Footballer still need to increase. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the game or this year’s Bayernliga team the footballers of Hof Joker, because they always look evil, but only on the field;).

Jokers compete against leaders

June 22, 2017
Four victories in a row, one more unexpected than the other, brought the American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV to Hof during the Bayernliga Nord. Only one more team is going into the race with the same track record, the Erlangen Sharks – and the jokers will compete against them this Saturday.

For the first time in the season, the Hofer face the Erlangenern, both teams are undefeated so far, could decide all games for themselves. The Sharks had to prove themselves five times, in the Jokers only the match against Erlangen will be the fifth. That’s why the Erlangen Sharks are currently in 1st place in the league table, the Jokers just behind in second place.

Making a prediction seems almost impossible, the Hofer are the newcomers to the league, no expert has expected that their debut in the Bayern League North would be so successful. The voices of the critics were quieter, but the fans and players louder and louder.

Head coach Alexander Scarabello looks forward to the game, inspired by the success so far and yet with reservations, he hopes to have his team sufficiently prepared for a hopefully fifth victory. The season so far has proved that the Hof Jokers are by no means to be underestimated and the Erlangen Sharks are a more than worthy opponent.

Successful Saturday for the Jokers

June 17, 2017
In the first game of the day, the youth could prevail with 15:06 against the Bamberg Phantoms. This meant not only the first victory of the youth but also the gain of the direct comparison against the Phantoms.

Even after four games, the PTSV footballers are still unbeaten. In the first away game of the season, the Hof Jokers won over the Regensburg Phoenix with 22:13.

After winning the coin tossed the Saalestädter first their defense to the field, this reacted as usual sovereign and stopped the Regensburg fast. However, a penalty against the Jokers gave the Phoenix renewed right of attack. However, they were unable to take room or points from this invitation. The Joker offensive started with their first attempt at attacking their own 45-yard line and worked well across the field. However, there were no points from either side in the first quarter.

In the second quarter the hosts managed the first touchdown of this game, including an extra point went Regensburg 0: 7 in the lead. The Jokers responded with a touchdown by running back Martin Klötzer, Leon Häfner provided for the compensation point to 7: 7. Then the Hofer defense Regensburg could stop deep in their half. A bad punt on the part of the hosts gave the Jokers a new right to attack at the level of the opposing 27 yards. Running back Görkem Eler ran the leather up to just before the end zone, then quarterback Nicolas Billaudelle found his wide receiver DeMarcus Harrison for a touchdown pass in the end zone. With a lead of 13: 7 it was halftime.

In the third quarter the Regensburg went straight away. Hofs Deshaun Dixon managed to intercept a pass from the hosts and return the ball to the end zone. With this Touchdwon the Jokers went again in the lead and built this in the fourth Quarter by a field goal by Leon Häfner. Finally, the Phoenix could not catch up with this lead and so the Jokers drove home with 22:13 and the current league table 2 of Bayernliga Nord.

Head Coach Alexander Scarabello is proud of his squad “It was a great team effort, everyone knew we had to stick together.” Due to work and illness-related failures, Scarabello could only draw on 28 players from his otherwise 50-man squad. “We were completely understaffed in the attack, yet the boys delivered a really good first half and could even make a backlog. The defense allowed only two big plays. ”
This coming Saturday is the away game against the table first, the Erlangen Sharks. “We had two, as expected, heavy games and two rather weak opponents, which we did not expect before. Now we are excited about Erlangen. In this game, however, we have to turn off the mistakes that have happened to us so far. The season is far from over yet but I think a positive win / loss ratio is quite possible for us “, the head coach of Hof Jokers is cautiously optimistic.

Jokers are facing new challenges

June 15, 2017
Up until now Bayernliga Nord could not have done better for the American Football Team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV-Hof. They won three out of three games, only allowed counter-attacks once. Now the jokers have to face a new challenge.

On Saturday, the Hof Jokers not only play their first away game of the season, they also compete for the first time against the “Regensburg Phoenix”. While the Jokers are currently ranked # 3 in the league’s rankings, the Phoenix are in second place. So far, they lost only against the Erlangen Sharks, a team that the Hofer not yet faced.

So it’s hard to make a prognosis, will the Jokers as climbers actually be able to stand up to such a strong team? The coaches do their best to prepare the court Jokers as best they can for the game and hope to win the game for the fourth time in a row.