News 2017

Jokers are unbeaten

June 11, 2017

The American Football Team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV – Hof played their third match of the Bayernliga Nord. After the Jokers already defeated the Franken Timberwolves and Plattling Black Hawks, they could also defend against the Ansbach Grizzlies this Sunday in Hof with 46-00.

The mood in the team and among the fans was tense, as the Hof Jokers took to the field for a third time. With loud cheers and purple smoke they marched on the field, full of motivation and zest for another victory to go to court.
Just minutes after the start of the game, DeMarcus Harrison scored the first touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion. Lorenz Schneider did the same at the end of the first quarter, an extra extra point in a row. The second quarter of the game remained equally successful, after a safety Jürgen Raab scored a defense touchdown, the 2-point conversion succeeded again. Another defense touchdown followed by Tizian Vogl, also succeeded in the subsequent extra point.
After half time, DeMarcus Harrison scored his second touchdown of the match, again with an extra point. The victory of the Jokers was ended by DeShaun Dixon, who sealed the result with a defense touchdown followed by another point.

Head coach Alexander Scarabello is proud of the team’s performance, but knows that the Jokers had a slightly easier opponent. The Ansbach Grizzlies could not decide a game for themselves, the level of the team did not seem to match the Bayern league.

The strength of Joker’s defense could not be denied this time, they scored as many touchdowns as the team’s attack. Here Scarabello still sees room for improvement. The Jokers’ offensive needs to earn more points, especially with regard to the next league game.

The Hof Jokers will have to deal with a much more difficult opponent, the Regensburg Phoenix are currently in second place in the league ranking. This game will take place next Saturday in Regensburg, until then, the Jokers use the remaining training sessions to best prepare for the new opponent

Jokers play against the Grizzlies

June 08, 2017

The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV Hof has already won two consecutive victories, this Sunday they will play their third league match of the Bayernliga Nord. The game is played against the Ansbach Grizzlies, currently the last team in the league. The Grizzlies defeated the Regensburg Phoenix 52-0, the Erlangen Sharks with 58-0, also the Franken Timberwolves could defeat the Ansbacher 7-46, as well as the Plattling Black Hawks, which the Ansbach Grizzlies defeated with 47-0.

A few weeks ago, a game Ansbach vs Hof was scheduled, the Grizzlies said the game, however, weather-related. Accordingly strong are the Hof Jokers looking forward to the first game against Ansbach. Buoyed by their recent wins and Ansbach’s consistent defeats, the Hof Jokers are in a good mood, hoping for their third win in a row. Head coach Alexander Scarabello knows, however, that the team is by no means resting on their success, underestimating the Ansbach Grizzlies or allowing them to go into the game with too much frivolity.

On Sunday the 11.06. The game Hof Jokers vs. Ansbach Grizzlies will take place, kick-off is
at 15 o’clock, is played in the PTSV – stadium yard.

Second game, second win

May 28, 2017

The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV – Hof is the newcomer of the Bayernliga Nord 2017. Many were underestimated by their chances of winning in football forums rather low. These critics may now be very surprised that the Jokers clearly won their first two official league games.

On the 21st of May the Jokers won the Plattling Black Hawks with 14:10, last Sunday the even clearer victory followed with 33:00 against the Franken Timberwolves from Fürth. Both opponents are considered established, steadfast teams in the league that the Jokers are superior to them, no one would have thought.

Buoyed by their first win, the Jokers started the second game of the season fully motivated and this motivation quickly paid off. After only a few moves number 36, Marc Roßmeißl, creates the unbelievable – he conquers the ball with a fumble and scores a touchdown by defending the jokers. A few minutes later, Number 65, American Justin Knee, does it with another fumble and touchdown by the defense.
In the second quarter also the offense of the Hofer comes into play, American DeMarcus Harrison with the number 17 carries the ball once again in the end zone of the opponents, the subsequent field goal also succeeds. After the half-time, the Jokers score again, number 84, Gunar Knoeckel, makes the final touchdown of the game.

Head coach Alexander “Scara” Scarabello is more than satisfied with the overall performance of his team, especially in his defense “it could not have gone any better”, they did not score a single point, they even scored points and clearly showed their strength. Although the performance of the offense is still expandable, this should not detract from the joy of the triumphant march of Hof Joker.

The joy of the entire Joker family was great, both players and hundreds of fans feverishly excited with nerves and then loudly celebrated the victory of Hof Joker.

In addition, “Pro Hof” played host to the Timberwolves, and the Hof Jokers would like to thank them.

The youth team of the Jokers were less happy, they were under the control of the Ansbach Grizzlies / Franken Knights gaming community in the morning with 00:40.

On Pentecost, the Jokers have a free game, it continues on 11 June against the Ansbach Grizzlies, kick-off is at 15 clock at the PTSV – court yard.

Doubleheader on Sunday!

May 25, 2017

Last Sunday, the American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV Hof triumphed over the “Plattling Black Hawks” – 14:10 was the result of the first appearance of the Jokers in the Bayernliga Nord. This Sunday they will play against the Franken Timberwolves, currently fourth in the league. The Jokers played in the last year, although still in the national league, but are now already in 3rd place of the Bayern League, so this provisional placement is fought so. The Timberwolves lost a game so far, the second they won with a large difference in points, so it is to be expected with a thrilling game of football teams.
The Hof Jokers prepare with great eagerness for their second league game and can not wait to put their skills to the test once again.
On Sunday at 15 o’clock Kick-Off at the PTSV – court yard, all fans can look forward to an exciting and exciting game, in typical American style.

Our youth can prove again, they play at 11 clock against the syndicate Franken Knights / Ansbach Grizzlies. Admission to the youth game is free, check it out!

First game, first win

May 22, 2017

The American football team “Hof Jokers” of the PTSV Hof set off to full steam and elan to compete against the Plattling Black Hawks last Sunday. While it was the first official league match of the Bayernliga Nord for the Jokers, the Plattlingers were allowed on the pitch for the third time.
Accordingly, the mood on the part of Jokers was a few minutes before kick-off. Tension continued to rise as opponents in the second quarter took the lead with a touchdown, subsequent extra point and a field goal.

After halftime, however, the tide turned in favor of the Hofer, the Jokers landed one goal after the next. First, the number 84, Gunar Knöckel, shortened with a touchdown, then the Hof Jokers continued to score points by a safety. It was particularly exciting in the fourth quarter when number 55, Luka Petzoldt, scored a so-called “interception” – that is, a touchdown by the defense. The Jokers took the lead with 14:10, kept their leading position and finally won the game with this final score.

The joy of the Jokers was enormous, exuberantly celebrated team and fans victory in the first league match and now look full of hope and motivation for the rest of the season. Headcoach Alexander Scarabello is proud of the performance of the Jokers, he is particularly pleased about the very good performance of his Defense, who delivered a ligareife defensive battle, and hopes to keep this record in the further course of Bayernliga Nord. Despite disappointment on the part of the Plattling Black Hawks, who are considered a good team in the league, both sides remained extremely fair and are looking forward to the second leg in Plattling.
Also the fans of the Jokers appeared numerous around both the youth of the Jokers, which played at 11 o’clock against the Bamberg Phantoms and 15:16 just defeated, as well as the Seniors loudly to cheer. The season opener is therefore more than successful.

The next game will take place next Sunday, 28.05., At 3 pm at PTSV Platz Hof. The game is played against the Franken Timberwolves from Fürth, who have just lost just one of two matches. Every spectator can look forward to an exciting football game.