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Jokers at “Hof macht Sport”

May 20, 2017

Hof macht Sport The Jokers are today at “Hof macht Sport”! ?

Have a look and throw some balls with us?

Address: Sportplatz und Turnhalle am Saaledurchstich
Sigmundsgraben 46

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Opening defeat for the youth

07. May 2017

The Hof Joker youth had to beat today with 6:46 against SG Franken Knights / Ansbach Grizzlies.
Do not let it get you down, guys! We are proud of you, whether victory or defeat!

Thanks Juliane

Game cancellation for the 7th of May

03. May 2017
Unfortunately, the Ansbach Grizzlies canceled Sunday’s game against the Hof Jokers. Of course, we are disappointed with the missed opportunity to prove our playing skills, but nevertheless we look forward to our first official league home game on 21.05.

We will inform you about the catch-up dates (men and youth) as soon as they are confirmed.

UPDATE 1: The youth play on 07.05.17 at 14:00 clock against the SG Knights / Grizzlies in Rothenburg!

UPDATE 2: Ansbach Grizzlies – Hof Jokers 08.07.2017 – 15:00

Hof Jokers back in motion!

April 24, 2017

The last test match before the season is held, on Saturday, April 22, the Hof Jokers were at the Erfurt Indigos guest. The American Football Team of the PTSV Hof and the Oberliga Ost Ligisten from Thuringia played a so-called friendship or preparation game. Despite the icy weather, the Jokers appeared full of energy in Erfurt, once again to test their skills in the field before it goes off in a few weeks with the official league games. After the kick-off at 16 clock was the first half without points, as the defense of both teams dominated and the offense left little chance to score. However, this changed in the third quarter of the game. Wide receiver Demarcus Harrison scores the first touchdown, giving the Jokers a 0: 6 lead. In the fourth quater, a few minutes before the final whistle, the Hofern managed another touchdown by running back Seth Hunt, followed by an extra point from defensive back Leon Häffner. A third touchdown was denied the Jokers due to a penalty, their dominance was still clear.

The Hofer extend their lead further, a few moves later, the game ends and they come out with 0:13 as the winner.

Despite the success in the game, some players contributed to the Hof Joker injury, the bad weather conditions in Erfurt took their toll. Nonetheless, the coaches are satisfied with the performance of the team and are confident that they will be able to remedy the last playful mistakes until the start of the season on May 7 in Ansbach, against the Ansbach Grizzlies.

The first official home game of the Hof Jokers takes place on 21 May at 15 clock on PTSV court yard, played against the Plattling Black Hawks.

Photo: Juliane Seiler

Season preparation with TVO

April 14, 2017
TV Oberfranken was visiting the season preparation of the Hof Jokers.
Here are the two reports “Teil 1” and “Teil 2