News 2018

Christmas party 2018

November 27, 2018
For this year’s Christmas party all members of the department with our partner and our countless diligent helpers are cordially invited.

Friday, 21.12.2018 from 18:00 clock
PTSV Heim, Ossecker Str. 52, Hof

We would be very pleased about your numerous appearance.

Please inform us until 12.12.2018, if you are coming and your meal plan to

Player passes season 2019

November 27, 2018
Each club can have their players’ passes extended automatically until the 15th of December 2018 for the 2019 season, without the player having to confirm this with his signature! (BSO §47)
The player must be informed about this measure. For this it is sufficient to publish the player name on the homepage of the association. (§60, BSO)


Passnr. Vorname Nachname Disziplin
16363 Sebastian Strunz Tackle
17239 Marcus Wachter Tackle
17242 Bilal Ahmad Tackle
17244 Sascha Schubert Tackle
17249 Dominik Konopka Tackle
17254 Patrick Palarz Tackle
17255 Marc Roßmeißl Tackle
18241 Harald Rausch Tackle
18258 Tobias Tröger Tackle
18261 Luka Petzoldt Tackle
18262 Benjamin Ferlau Tackle
18267 Felix Scholz Tackle
18296 Christoph Strobel Tackle
18297 Sebastian Käck Tackle
18298 Markus Klein Tackle
18299 Johannes Wellner Tackle
18301 Valentin Stingl Tackle
21502 Paul Koffmahn Tackle
17243 Jürgen Raab Tackle
17245 Gunar Knöckel Tackle
26585 David Döbereiner Tackle
27013 Tizian Vogl Tackle
27014 Florian Erhardt Tackle
28803 Marius Theek Tackle
32117 Niklas Rauschenbach Tackle
32118 Christoph Neidhardt Tackle
33093 Alexander Oelschlegel Tackle
21713 Demarcus Harrison Tackle
27015 Marcel Brömme Tackle
30206 DeShaun Dixon Tackle
36471 Emir Dzenanovic Tackle
38373 Maximilian Bennewitz Tackle
38375 Florian Seliger Tackle
39346 Andreas Pittroff Tackle
39646 Alexander Trefilov Tackle
39652 Matthias Schwemmer Tackle
39653 Julian Rott Tackle
39654 Markus Schmidt Tackle
40801 Yannick Seipp Tackle
17253 Stanley Wiezoreck Tackle
43161 Leopold Müssel Tackle
43189 Nepomuk Bense Tackle
43190 Rabia Abdella Tackle
43191 Jan Kemnitzer Tackle
43295 Maurice Petrus Tackle
43313 Joschua Rausch Tackle


Passnr. Vorname Nachname Disziplin
16596 Marco Krafft Tackle
21357 Jonas Hohlbach Tackle
21472 Mica-Nic Köstner Tackle
21473 Dominik Kohl Tackle
28898 Tim Richter Tackle
28899 Georg Wohn Tackle
28901 Christoph Ordnung Tackle
28904 Joshua Lang Tackle
29432 David Weber Tackle
29434 Christian Depperschmidt Tackle
30325 Tobias Feist Tackle
39336 Niklas Rüde Tackle
39337 Batuhan Can Tackle
39338 Marcel Hohberger Tackle
39339 Dominik Maisner Tackle
40543 Paul Bartsch Tackle
40639 Nico Dörk Tackle
40641 Dominik Dietrich Tackle
41699 Patrick Näther Tackle

Players who want to leave their current club must have quit there as an active player by 15 December 2018. This does not affect membership as such! (Cancellation written for the passport renewal)
If there are players among us the next season do not want to play for us but where else, please hand in your notice in time.

If there are players who are not on the list but have played for us last season or had a player pass and want to support us again next season, please contact us here.

Try Outs 2018

October 29, 2018
Hof Jokers

You are fascinated by American sports, especially American football, and you want to do it yourself, instead of just watching the games from home? Or have you possibly already played football and want to revive your hobby?

Come over then:
03. November Naila – FT Naila, Hofer Str. 31 – 14:00 clock

07. November Hof – Rudolf Lion Hall, Sigmundsgraben 42 – 19:00 clock

Here are some impressions of the Americans Sports Day in Steinberg, from October 27th

Hof Jokers – The team you want to join!
October 15, 2018
Hof JokersYou play football with body and soul? You are ready for an ambitious team with great cohesion and are fun for everyone? Then come to us, the farm Joker!

The team exists since 1992 and is thus one of the traditional teams in Bavaria, we play in the Bayernliga Nord and have established ourselves by ambition and diligence in the league, were first champion, then runners-up Bayernliga Nord. Now we are working on the championship again and are confident that we will be able to move into the regional league soon.

Our athletic performance thrills more people year by year, meanwhile our average audience of 500-600 fans, who support us energetic and loud at every game – but not only at the home games! Our fans also travel to away matches regularly, so that we often support even more fans than the home teams. The weekly reports about all our games on TV Upper Franconia, Extra Radio and the Frankenpost are part of the daily routine during the season. Thousands of curious people follow us on social media to stay up to date on the team.

Here’s an interview with Jokers, who have already joined us from other teams.

Marius, 24 O-Liner

Jokers: In which league did you play before switching to the Jokers?
Marius: I was in both the Griffins and the Timberwolfes in the Bayernliga.
Joker: Why did you want to play for the Jokers?
Marius: I definitely wanted to keep my level in the Bayernliga when I left Fürth. And the new climber with lots of potential was the logical solution, especially since I already knew people at the Jokers and also the way (from Bayreuth) was in order.
Joker: What was your first impression of the Jokers or what new players can look forward to?
Marius: After the first practice it was already clear that the Jokers are exactly what I expect from an amateur football team. Ambition, determination and discipline, but also the fun is absolutely not too short. New players can expect a team that is hungry for victory and willing to give it their all in the next few years with full throttle into the playoffs and direction regional league forward.

Andi 25 O-Liner

Jokers: In which league did you play before switching to the Jokers?
Andi: GFL 1 and GFL 2
Joker: Why did you want to play for the Jokers?
Andi: I started with the Jokers and learned a lot here. Even so much that I could play directly in the GFL as a starter. Without the good training with the Jokers that would never have worked, so I wanted to come back and give the team something for it. Most of all, I want to pass on the extra experience I’ve gained through my time in the GFL to the Jokers and actively ensure that the Jokers continue to provide such good training.
Joker: What was your first impression of the Jokers or what new players can look forward to?
Andi: See 2. The Jokers offer extremely good training for the league in which they play, in which players from each class can get better. In addition, there are no “stars” in the Jokers who see themselves as something better than other players, but everyone plays / trains with each other. I have experienced so in hardly any other team.

Flo 25 Receiver

Jokers: In which league did you play before switching to the Jokers?
Flo: In the Landesliga Ost at the Saalfeld Titans.
Joker: Why did you want to play for the Jokers?
Flo: The Jokers are the most successful football team in the region known for their very physical play, which fits in well with my style.
Joker: What was your first impression of the Jokers or what new players can look forward to?
Flo: I came to the Jokers last year and immediately felt very comfortable here. I was seen as part of the team right from the beginning and I was super integrated in both practice and games. This allowed me to see a continuous improvement in my own performance.

If you have become curious and just want to stop by then sign up at: or via WhatsApp 0160 8433558 (HC Alexander Scarabello).

We, the Hof Jokers, are looking forward to seeing you!

New sponsorship board

13. October 2018
At today’s Annual General Meeting of the American Football Association – Hof Jokers e. V. was elected a new board. New chairman is Valentin Stingl, new deputy is Klaus Hager new treasurer is Marc Roßmeißl. The members of the association thank the old board for their work.