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On 26.05 we welcome the Regensburg Phoenix in Hof

For our fifth game Bayernliga Nord 2019
We won 3 out of 4 games and now we are playing against the Phoenix for the first time this year and hope to be able to thrill you fans with an exciting game in our favor.

We look forward to many fans to loudly spread “purple pride” and to support us.
– Any fan of the most popular American ball sport is invited to spend an action packed day of coffee, cake, sausages, steak, beer and of course good football.

The entrance costs 3.50 €
A season ticket costs 15 €, just ask at the entrance!

For an ingenious Gameday, HEYA!

Hof Jokers ready for first home game 2019

The Jokers won two out of three games over the course of the season so far, each having been denied away to date. After this series, the Hofer can now look forward to their first
home game of this year’s Bayernliga Nord. The game is against the Erlangen Sharks, this will be the first meeting with the team this year, but not generally.
Like the Jokers, the Sharks have become an integral part of the Bavarian league in recent years – which both teams want to change with the rise in the regional league.

However, the Jokers seem to have better chances to do so, they are in third place of the table, the Sharks on the fifth and thus penultimate
place just above the franc Timberwolves who like the Sharks also, could not win a game. Head coach Alexander Scarabello expects his
team to have higher chances of winning, but remains true to its motto and does not underestimate the Erlangener.Ein victory from the point of view of
Jokers would not only for entry into the playoffs essential, of course, want the Hofer before their fans Do not disappoint the home crowd and give them
a game they will not forget for a long time.

By Theresa Scarabello

First away win of the Jokers!

The Bayernliga Nord 2019 are in full swing, with the first away game of the American football team Hof ​​Joker, last Sunday against the Bamberg Bucks, the Jokers could bring their first victory with 09-24. Without a break, it continues with the next away match in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, against the Franken Knights, a team, which faced the Hofer in the last year.

The Knights won their first league match against the Erlangen Sharks with 08:28 and thus stand just over the Jokers, the game on Sunday will thus decide for the time being, who ranks behind the Regensburg Phoenix, who won the home match against Franken Timberwolves 62:00, ranked 2nd in the table.

Last year, the Jokers won a game against the Rothenburgers, but lost them the second game. Head coach Alexander Scarabello knows that in the off-season a lot can change and you can not automatically deduce the past from the past and hopes to beat the Knights twice this year – despite adverse conditions. The trip to Rothenburg will be the longest away trip of the 2019 season, kick-off is only at 16 clock, so a long day was waiting for the Jokers, but in spite of everything from their best sporting side want to show.

By Theresa Scarabello

Upper Franconia Derby between Hof Jokers and Bamberg Bucks

An off-season full of innovations, many training sessions and targeted preparation lies behind the American football team Hof ​​Jokers. Well, after a long wait and few opportunities to train outside the hall, the Jokers will play on Sunday their first match of the season Bayernliga North 2019 in Bamberg, against the Bamberg Bucks, on. The Bamberg Bucks are officially a new team, but de facto a successor team of the Bamberg Bears, the first football team in Upper Franconia.

The renaming of the team two years ago is also losing some of the tradition that head coach Alexander Scarabello, with his 30 years of football experience, regrets, although he is always happy to see new teams emerge and meet. Skylabello also notes that the Jokers In all the years in which he already leads the team as head coach, have not lost a first-round match. Of course, he wants to continue this series and win the game against Bamberg.

Not only because every game in American football has a special importance because of the low number of games, but also because a defeat in the first game could put additional pressure on the team and ease the euphoria over the rest of the season. See the Jokers The game as a kind of “Upper Franconian Derby”, they want to defend their status as the best American Football Team Upper Franconia and leave the Bamberg behind. To achieve this Scarabello has been busy in recent weeks intensively with the Bucks, he spent many evenings with video analysis of the opponents, in order to be able to adjust optimally to their style of play.

The Jokers look back on a series of wins against the Bamberg Bears, now Bucks, back in the national league, this series is not to interrupt. The Bamberg Bucks were last year as Bamberg Bears runner-up in the national league and are thus the promoted of this year’s Bayernliga Nord, Scarabello knows that the game is of regional importance and its outcome is somewhat predictive of the course of the rest of the season. He is eager and “hot” on the game, despite bad weather forecast, he hopes to be in the advantage with the yard Jokers and puts everything on the win.

From Theresa Scarabello


Hof Jokers on the road internationally

„Why not ?! “- thought the American Footballer Hof Jokers of the PTSV court when they discovered the invitation of the Icelandic football team” Einherjar “to an international football game in Reykjavík on the Internet. A few weeks later, the Jokers are back on their journey home from Iceland and let them review.

In the early Friday morning hours of 01 March, the team made their way to Berlin to fly from the airport Schönefeld to Reykjavík, each player excited and eager for the coming days. After a four-hour flight, the team was taken to their accommodation by a shuttle bus organized by the Icelanders, a small school next to the sports hall where Einherjar conducts their training sessions and games ….

From Theresa Scarabello

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Department Meeting

When? Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 19: 00
Where? El Gusto – Cafe & Tapas Maxplatz 5, 95111 Rehau

All members of the American Football Department are of course invited to the departmental meeting. The teammate afterwards takes place in the circle of seniors. At El Gusto, there will be a buffet for us. Price per person / meal is 10 euros. Please register for food planning.


The new Joker’s homepage

Hof Jokers
The new Joker’s Homepage is ready. Do not you find her as beautiful as we do?
Comments and suggestions welcome.