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 Hoftex Group
Hoftex Group AG
Fabrikzeile 21
D-95028 Hof http://www.hoftexgroup.com


Rewe Winkler OHG
August-Mohl-Straße 38
D-95028 Hof http://www.rewe.de


GEALAN Formteile GmbH
Hofer Straße 70 – 74
D-95145 Oberkotzau http://www.gealan.com


Avedo – eine Marke der STRÖER Dialog Group GmbH
Georgiring 3
D-04103 Leipzig https://www.avedo.de/de


Rausch & Pausch GmbH
Albert-Pausch-Ring 1
D-95100 Selb http://www.rapa.com


Cafe & Tapas “El Gusto”
Maxplatz 5
D-95111 Rehau http://www.elgusto-rehau.de

Il Perperoncino

Il Perperoncino
Altstadt 36
95028 Hof   http://peperoncino-spaghetteria.de/peperoncino-hof/

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 fotostudio schwarzenbach:

Fotostudio Schwarzenbach
Atelier Christine
Marienstr. 2
D-95028 Hof http://www.fotostudioschwarzenbach.de

 beetz bauelemente gmbh:

Beetz Bauelemente GmbH
Am Silberberg 1
D-96346 Wallenfels http://www.beetz-bauelemente.de


neunfuenfeins Kreativagentur
Raphael Maier
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 3
D-95111 Rehau http://www.neunfuenfeins.de


Architekturbüro HermannBeyer
Dahlienweg 4
D-95182 Döhlau http://www.architektbeyer.de

 VR Bank Hof eg:

VR Bank Hof eG
Schillerstr. 25 – 27
D-95028 Hof http://www.vrbank-hof.de


Geschäftsführerin Dr. Ute Karasch-Stingl
Bergleite 1 D-96352 Wilhelmsthal-Effelter Tel.: 09260/9639356

 Brömme IT-Dienstleistungen:

Brömme IT-Dienstleistungen
Rehauer Str. 10
D-95126 Schwarzenbach an der Saale Tel.: 0160/96274135

Since 1992 we are an integral part of the Hofer Traditionsvereins PTSV Hof e.V.


With your advertising you promote our sport and especially the youth department of Hof Jokers. As a team with social and value-free competence, it is our concern to provide young people with any & nbsp; To teach ethnic background the values ​​of discipline, strength of character and camaraderie within a community.

American Football is one of the most demanding team sports worldwide!

Perseverance, athleticism and self-discipline are taught by trained professional trainers to the youth on a high level. But this sport is relatively expensive compared to other sports. A complete set of equipment for a player costs around 400.00 Euro. & Nbsp;
In order to be able to provide the young people with proper rental equipment, we need the appropriate financial resources for this service.

With your support, you promote your company and additionally promote our association and youth work.

We offer a variety of advertising options:

  • Advertising on our well visited homepage
  • flyer advertising
  • poster advertising
  • perimeter advertising
  • Trikotwerbung  
  • Press & amp; Broadcasting
  • and much more.

    various promotions Ads: Advertising is out of the question for you, but you want to support us?
    As a registered association, we have the opportunity to issue a tax-deductible donation receipt to our advertising partners as well as to our donors.Please contact us for this!